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Give your customer service team the skills they need with Taming Gladys!

Companies can make significant improvements from a multi-part customer service course based on our real world findings. Even those with busy schedules and nonstop customer demands can use bite-sized lessons to train their teams in short meetings or through self-study. Taming Gladys is a customer service boot-camp-in-a-book that busy leaders can use to take their service team's skills to the highest levels.

  • Save time! No prep needed to use in quick team meetings
  • Get measurable results fast
  • Raise customer service scores AND profits
  • Increase your team’s commitment to stellar service
  • Create more lifetime customer relationships


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    Service Excellence Begins Here!

    “Marilyn Suttle and Lori Jo Vest have created an essential customer experience training program in book form. It gives leaders and managers a creative approach to service excellence that will be immensely helpful to any organization, large or small!” - Josh Linkner, NY Times Bestselling Author & Tech Entrepreneur.



    Taming Gladys

About The Authors

Advanced Praise for Taming Gladys!

“Powerful activities and insights to fuel passion, purpose and the desire to serve with excellence.”

- Jack Canfield, Bestselling Author of the Success Principles and Originator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul ® Series.

“A must-have customer service resource. An easy-to-use guide to creating customer loyalty.”

- Shep Hyken, Customer Service Expert and Author of Amaze Every Customer Every Time

“All boot camps are about creating solid discipline and learning important fundamentals. Taming Gladys provides both of these in a fashion that enlists, enlightens and expands the capacity and competence for service excellence.”

- Chip R. Bell, Author, Sprinkles: Creating Awesome Experiences Through Innovative Service

"In their #1 customer service bestseller, Who’s Your Gladys?, Marilyn and Lori taught us the real secret of great service: taking care of your crabbiest customers. Now in Taming Gladys, they take you backstage and teach you the psychology of making excellent service happen with every customer. Based on their own successful training programs, it is rich with case studies, examples and action plans. If you work with customers, you need this book!"

- Rich Gallagher, LMFT, Author of The Customer Service Survival Kit and What to Say to a Porcupine

“If you've read Who's Your Gladys? (and if you haven't, you need to), this is the action-packed guide to bringing your Gladys strategy to life, for the sake of your customers, your business and your sanity!"   

- Micah Solomon, Author, consultant, speaker

“Congratulations! Marilyn and Lori Jo, on yet another home run with this invaluable marketable customer service education and implementation tool you've created and absolute must have for business and professional leaders who want to create an oasis customer service utilizing crystal clear step by step transformational manifesto. This brilliant insight into the skills of terrific customer experience is a must and easy read to all those willing to achieve service excellence.”

- Brian Lee, CSP, CEO and Founder of Custom Learning Systems

"Marilyn and Lori Jo's course was a wonderfully refreshing experience for my entire customer service team. We walked away from each lesson energized, with actionable advice we could put into practice immediately. It's since become a regular part of our new employee training, and many of the concepts have become crucial pieces of our team philosophy. And the course doesn't just propose high-level ideologies; it explains how to take values like compassion, rapport and credibility, and make them common practice in your organization. I loved it, and highly recommend it for anyone who wants to improve their customer relationships."

- Nykki Yeager, Customer Care Manager, Ipsy 

“This approach has done wonders for us! The culture has shifted in the workplace. Unlike most books and programs on the topic, this one changes how people think about customer service. It changed the perception and attitude of our staff and we’re seeing great results, including more positive customer feedback."

- Alec MacDonald, Supervisor, QX Technical Services

“This program has made a world of difference in the way our customers respond to us. Plus, our internal staff is having more productive, positive conversations. This is a great course for frontline service providers who interface with customers AND the internal team.”

- Sara Labadie, Client Care Coordinator, Comfort Keepers

“Yay! Gladys is back! I’m so happy the “Taming Gladys” book is ready for all those who want to keep using outstanding customer service as their competitive edge. It’s an action-packed transformation bootcamp for serious professionals who want to make a difference. Thank you Marilyn Suttle and Lori Jo Vest for creating a useful, flexible week-by-week guide. If you want to keep your “Gladys” smiling, buy this book and get started building lasting customer loyalty today.”

- JoAnna Brandi is the Author of Winning At Customer Retention, 101 Ways to Keep ‘em, Happy, Keep ‘em Loyal and Keep ‘em Coming Back and Building Customer Loyalty: 21 Essential Elements in Action and is the “Chief Inspiration Officer at JoAnna Brandi & Company

“This book is crafted to help smart leaders and managers inspire greatness from themselves and their staff. A necessary guide for creating loyal customer relationships.”

- Colin Sprake, Founder and CEO of Make Your Mark Training & Consulting  

“They have done it again!  Marilyn Suttle & Lori Jo Vest wrote Who’s Your Gladys?  How to Turn Even the Most Difficult Customer into Your Biggest Fan rated 5 Stars on Amazon. Now they have put a Service Excellence Boot Camp in a book. Taming Gladys gives you a step by step formula to train your Team Members in the lost art of truly serving others in the way they deserve to be treated, that is, as your most valued asset. Walt Disney often said; “Our Hosts and Hostesses will only treat the Guests as well as they are treated and never any better.” That has been proven, over and over again. This book will help you educate your “Internal Customer,” so that they take care of your “External Customer, or Guest,” with excellence. You don’t need this book, you deserve it!”

- Dave Gorden, CSP, Member Speakers Hall of Fame, President, National Speakers Association 1999-2000, Co-Author of “The Great Persuaders” & “The Joy Of Adoption, a Chicken Soup Book

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